Wheeler was born and raised in Chattanooga, Tennessee.  She attended the University of Alabama where she received a Bachelor of Science degree in Interior Design.  After graduating from college, Wheeler moved to Atlanta, where she worked for Mallory Mathison Inc. for four invaluable years.  Working under Mallory gave her the knowledge and experience to venture out on her own.  In 2013 she moved back to Chattanooga and worked as the principal interior designer at Sophie’s Shoppe for the next four years.  Finally, in 2017, Wheeler Lewis Designs was created.  

Wheeler believes that interior design is not about getting rid of everything and letting the designer do whatever they want; it’s about taking what is functional and valuable to a client and incorporating it into their home in a way that is fresh and updated.  Sometimes this involves building a brand new house from the ground up, sometimes it only takes updating paint colors and furnishings.  

The first and most important step to any design project is to get to know the client and how they spend their time at home.  Each client is unique, therefore, the way they live in their home is unique.  It is our goal to make a client’s home functional, comfortable, and stylish to the individual client for years to come.